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Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Development of Art Projects: Opportunities and Limitations


Zheng Xiang, Xiong Jinghao, Cao Xiaoming, and Y. V. Nazarov


Vol. 22  No. 9  pp. 343-347


To date, the use of artificial intelligence has already brought certain results in such areas of art as poetry, painting, and music. The development of AI and its application in the creative process opens up new perspectives, expanding the capabilities of authors and attracting a new audience. The purpose of the article is to analyze the essential, artistic, and technological limitations of AI art. The article discusses the methods of attracting AI to artistic practices, carried out a comparative analysis of the methods of using AI in visual art and in the process of writing music, identified typical features in the creative interaction of the author of a work of art with AI. The basic principles of working with AI have been determined based on the analysis of ways of using AI in visual art and music. The importance of neurobiology mechanisms in the course of working with AI has been determined. The authors conclude that art remains an area in which AI still cannot replace humans, but AI contributes to the further formation of methods for modifying and rethinking the data obtained into innovative art projects.


AI, visual art, music, imitation, generative art.