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Estimation of Automatic Video Captioning in Real Applications using Machine Learning Techniques and Convolutional Neural Network


Vaishnavi J and Narmatha V


Vol. 22  No. 9  pp. 316-326


The prompt development in the field of video is the outbreak of online services which replaces the television media within a shorter period in gaining popularity. The online videos are encouraged more in use due to the captions displayed along with the scenes for better understandability. Not only entertainment media but other marketing companies and organizations are utilizing videos along with captions for their product promotions. The need for captions is enabled for its usage in many ways for hearing impaired and non-native people. Research is continued in an automatic display of the appropriate messages for the videos uploaded in shows, movies, educational videos, online classes, websites, etc. This paper focuses on two concerns namely the first part dealing with the machine learning method for preprocessing the videos into frames and resizing, the resized frames are classified into multiple actions after feature extraction. For the feature extraction statistical method, GLCM and Hu moments are used. The second part deals with the deep learning method where the CNN architecture is used to acquire the results. Finally both the results are compared to find the best accuracy where CNN proves to give top accuracy of 96.10% in classification.


Online videos, hearing impaired, machine learning, feature extraction, GLCM, Hu moments, CNN architecture.