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Emotional User Experience in Web-Based Geographic Information System: An Indonesian UX Analysis


Anitawati Mohd Lokman, Indra Griha Tofik Isa, Leni Novianti, Indri Ariyanti, Rika Sadariawati, Azhar Abd Aziz and Afiza Ismail


Vol. 22  No. 9  pp. 271-279


In the discipline of design science, the integration of cognitive, semantic, and affective elements is crucial in the conception and development of a product. Affective components in IT artefacts have attracted researchers’ attention, but little attention has been given to Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This research was conducted to identify emotions in web-based GIS, and determine design influences on the emotions using Kansei engineering (KE). In the evaluation procedure, ten web-based GIS were used as specimens, and 20 Kansei words were used as emotional descriptors in the Kansei checklist. 50 participants were asked to rate their emotional responses towards the specimens on the Kansei checklist. Principal Component Analysis was used to discover the semantic structure of Kansei, in which dynamism and spaciousness were identified. Significant Kansei concepts were identified using Factor Analysis, in which dynamic & well-organized, refreshing, spacious, professional, and nautical-look were identified. Partial Least Square analysis has assisted the research in discovering the significant design influence to the Kansei. These findings provide designers and other stakeholders with valuable knowledge for strategizing future web-based GIS designs that incorporate user emotions.


Emotional UX, Geographic Information System (GIS), Kansei Engineering