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Alliance of the Baltic States in the System of Collective Security


Kaspars Kikste, Antonina Djakona


Vol. 22  No. 9  pp. 189-194


The formation of a new world order is primarily caused by new conditions and military operations on the European continent. The intensification of military-political tension led to the formation of new centers of power and gravity, which in turn led to the concentration of weapons and general militarization. Changes in the world order as a result of military conflicts and an increase in hot spots in the world, an increase in threats and the formation of centers of military gravity, the inability of existing institutions to resolve the situation lead to the need to develop new security mechanisms. Studies show that in the current situation, the countries of the Baltic countries are especially actively increasing their level of technologization of the army and militarization in general. The creation of any alliance is always conditioned by the presence of external threats. Naturally, the increase in the number of threats creates preconditions for the development of new forms of cooperation within existing military alliances. It seems obvious that due to the current situation in the context of the military conflict and military aggression of Russia in Ukraine, as well as its constant threats, including to the Baltic countries, there is a need to form a certain alliance that can protect the eastern border of Europe and form a certain border between European countries and aggressor countries. The Baltic countries are actively involved in these processes, in addition, it is the Baltic countries that can enter the new military alliance proposed by Britain, which will unite Poland, Ukraine, the Baltic countries and, possibly, Great Britain.


a regional security, Baltic-Black Sea Union, security system, prerequisites for the formation