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Predicting Students’ Engagement in Online Courses Using Machine Learning


Jawaher Alsirhani and Khalaf Alsalem


Vol. 22  No. 9  pp. 159-168


No one denies the importance of online courses, which provide a very important alternative, especially for students who have jobs that prevent them from attending face-to-face in traditional classes; Engagement is one of the most important fundamental variables that indicate the course's success in achieving its objectives. Therefore, the current study aims to build a model using machine learning to predict student engagement in online courses. An online questionnaire was prepared and applied to the students of Jouf University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and data was obtained from the input variables in the questionnaire, which are: specialization, gender, academic year, skills, emotional aspects, participation, performance, and engagement in the online course as a dependent variable. Multiple regression was used to analyze the data using SPSS. Kegel was used to build the model as a machine learning technique. The results indicated that there is a positive correlation between the four variables (skills, emotional aspects, participation, and performance) and engagement in online courses. The model accuracy was very high 99.99%, This shows the model's ability to predict engagement in the light of the input variables.


Machine learning - engagement - prediction - emotional aspects ? participation.