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A Preliminary Exploration on Component Based Software Engineering


N Md Jubair Basha, Dr Gopinath Ganapathy, and Dr Mohammed Moulana


Vol. 22  No. 9  pp. 143-148


Component-based software development (CBD) is a methodology that has been embraced by the software industry to accelerate development, save costs and timelines, minimize testing requirements, and boost quality and output. Compared to the conventional software development approach, this led to the system's development being completed more quickly. By choosing components, identifying systems, and evaluating those systems, CBSE contributes significantly to the software development process. The objective of CBSE is to codify and standardize all disciplines that support CBD-related operations. Analysis of the comparison between component-based and scripting technologies reveals that, in terms of qualitative performance, component-based technologies scale more effectively. Further study and application of CBSE are directly related to the CBD approach's success. This paper explores the introductory concepts and comparative analysis related to component-based software engineering which have been around for a while, but proper adaption of CBSE are still lacking issues are also focused.


components, scripting technologies, reusability, component based systems