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Reading Strategies among Saudi EFL Students


Prof. Hashem A. Alsamadani


Vol. 22  No. 9  pp. 131-136


This study was initially conducted to explore Saudi students' use of reading strategies and their relationship to their reading comprehension level. The study employed quantitative methods to obtain information about Saudi students' perceived use of reading strategies and their comprehension levels. The results showed that EFL learners in Saudi Arabia use planning strategies more than attending strategies and evaluating strategies. Saudi students also perceived the environment as the most critical factor affecting their reading comprehension. There was no significant relationship between Saudi EFL learners’ comprehension level and their use of reading strategies. Finally, gender differences favoring female learners were evident in almost all analyses conducted in the current study. Significant differences were found favoring female students in overall strategy use, comprehension level, and the use of evaluating strategies.


reading, strategies, EFL, comprehension, language skills.