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Features of the Architecture of Tourism and Tourist Complexes


Galyna Нnat, Ulyana Ivanochko, Liubov Solovii, Yurii Petrenko, Yuliia Borutska


Vol. 22  No. 9  pp. 117-122


One of the promising sectors of the economy today is tourism in all forms and types. The multiplier effect of tourism is huge: the income received from one tourist exceeds the amount of money spent by him at the location on the purchase of services and goods in the range from 1.5 to 4 times. Countries known as world centers of tourism have made it a state policy, taking on the functions of forecasting, coordinating and controlling. The architectural monuments of the city historical structure are a pretty resource for tourism. Cultural tourism as a type of socio-cultural human activity is one of the popular and mass types of tourism. The number of people wishing to get acquainted with historical and cultural sights is growing every year. In the cultural aspect, tourism has an impact on the spiritual and material spheres of human life, his way of life, value system, social behavior.Thus, the main task of the study is to analyze the features of the architecture of tourism and tourist complexes. As a result of the study, current trends and prerequisites for the architecture of tourism and tourist complexes were investigated.


tourism, historical structure, architectural monuments, socio-cultural development, cultural value.