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Researched and analyzed variables for pollution waters around the ""Kosova B"" thermal power plant


Adem Musliu, Arb?r Musliu, and Naim Baftiu


Vol. 22  No. 9  pp. 109-116


The energy corporation of Kosovo continuously monitors and analyzes the impact of its own activities on the environment. Regarding the environmental situation, energy corporation of Kosovo- ECK regularly informs and reports objectively to the competent state institutions, local municipal institutions and interested parties. ECK, through numerous contacts with the competent authorities, firstly with different ministers, harmonizes the positions regarding environmental issues in the direction of achieving certain environmental standards or legal requirements in order to gradually be in accordance with them, based on the real possibilities, especially the financial ones. From this point of view, the environmental issue is very sensitive, quite complex and represents one of the biggest challenges of society currently and in the future. The researched variables show a continuous increase in the need for electricity production in Kosovo and this increase in production conditions a wide range of environmental impacts both at the local, regional and global levels. The aim of the work is to reduce the emission of pollutants through the main variables without inhibiting the economic development of the country, i.e. to bring the pollution as a result of the activities of the ECK operation into compliance with the permitted environmental norms. As a result of ECK's operational activities, the following follows: Air pollution mainly as a result of emissions from TCs in the air, transport, etc. Water pollution - as a result of technological water discharges, Land degradation - as a result of surface mining activities of the entire mining area. The purpose of the paper is to research and analyze the main water variables in the area of the Kosova B power plant, which is to determine the degree of their pollution from the activities of the power plants, as well as to assess the real state of surface water quality and control the degree of pollution of these waters. Methodology of the work: The analyzes of the water samples were done in the company Institute ""INKOS"" JSC by simultaneous methods using different reagents.


Variables, Water, power plant B, pollution