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Improving the Professional Competence of a Specialist in Poland by Implementing Multimedia Technologies


Tetiana Kravchenko, Lesia Varga, Oksana Lypchanko-Kovachyk, Alexander Chinchoy, Nataliia Yevtushenko, Ivan Syladii, Oleksandr Kuchai


Vol. 22  No. 9  pp. 51-58


The article emphasizes the features of the modern education system in Poland, reveals the peculiarities of improving the professional competence of a specialist in Poland through the implementation of multimedia technologies. Various forms of innovations implemented in improving the professional competence of a specialist are listed: improvement (rationalization), modernization, innovation. The forms of professional improvement through the introduction of computer technologies in general and multimedia technologies, in particular, primarily include various professional courses, qualification, preparatory, methodological conferences, seminars, postgraduate studies, foreign and state internships. At the same time, the main direction is self-education. The subject of professional improvement in the application of computer technologies by specialists is the updating of existing knowledge, exchange of professional experience, planning, as well as discussion of innovative works in which specialists participate. Professional growth of specialists can occur both during work and in higher education institutions during their studies. Modernization of computer technologies, especially multimedia ones, is a necessary condition for the functioning of specialists in modern society, since specialists are at the center of the educational process, during the improvement of professional competence. The main functions of the educational process necessary for improving the professional competence of specialists through the implementation of multimedia technologies are revealed. These functions not only contribute to the professional improvement of specialists, but also affect their solutions and optimize the maintenance of contacts between specialists. The importance of creating conditions that are consistent with the modern needs of innovative education is emphasized.


multimedia technologies, improvement of professional competence, Poland, modern society, innovative education, modernization of computer technologies, professional growth.