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The Importance of Multimedia for Professional Training of Future Specialists


Oleh Plakhotnik, Inna Strazhnikova, Inha Yehorova, Svitlana Semchuk, Alla Tymchenko, Yaroslava Logvinova, Oleksandr Kuchai


Vol. 22  No. 9  pp. 43-50


For high-quality education of the modern generation of students, forms of organizing the educational process and the latest methods of obtaining knowledge that differ from traditional ones are necessary. The importance of multimedia teaching tools is shown, which are promising and highly effective tools that allow the teacher not only to present an array of information in a larger volume than traditional sources of information, but also to include text, graphs, diagrams, sound, animation, video, etc. in a visually integrated form. Approaches to the classification of multimedia learning tools are revealed. Special features, advantages of multimedia, expediency of use and their disadvantages are highlighted. A comprehensive analysis of the capabilities of multimedia teaching tools gave grounds for identifying the didactic functions that they perform. Several areas of multimedia application are described. Multimedia technologies make it possible to implement several basic methods of pedagogical activity, which are traditionally divided into active and passive principles of student interaction with the computer, which are revealed in the article. Important conditions for the implementation of multimedia technologies in the educational process are indicated. The feasibility of using multimedia in education is illustrated by examples. Of particular importance in education are game forms of learning, in the implementation of which educational elements based on media material play an important role. The influence of the game on the development of attention by means of works of media culture, which are very diverse in form and character, is shown. The importance of the role of multimedia in student education is indicated. In the educational process of multimedia students, a number of educational functions are implemented, which are presented in the article. Recommendations for using multimedia are given.


multimedia, multimedia technologies, professional training, future specialists, latest methods, multimedia training tools, advantages of multimedia.