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Animated Game-Based Learning of Data Structures In Professional Education


Waseemullah, Abdul Karim Kazi, Muhammad Faraz Hyder, and Faraz Abdul Basit


Vol. 22  No. 9  pp. 1-6


Teaching and learning are one of the major issues during this pandemic (COVID-19). Since the pandemic started, there are many changes in teaching and learning styles as everything related to studies started online. Game-Based Learning has got remarkable importance in the educational system and pedagogy as an effective way of increasing student inspiration and engagement. In this field, most of the work has been carried out in digital games. This research uses an Animated Game-Based Learning design in enhancing student engagement and perception of learning. In teaching Computer Science (CS) concepts in higher education, to enhance the pedagogy activities in CS concepts, more specifically the concepts of “Data Structures (DS)” i.e., Array, Stack, and Queue concepts are focused. This study aims to observe the difference in students' learning with the use of different learning methods i.e., the traditional learning (TL) method and the Animated Game-Based Learning (AGBL) Method. The experimental results show that learning DS concepts has been improved by the AGBL method as compared to the TL method.


Animated Game-Based Learning, Game-Based Learning, Data Structures