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Environment and Development of the Weather Monitoring Application in Kosovo


Milazim Shabani, Naim Baftiu, Egzon Baftiu, Betim Maloku


Vol. 22  No. 8  pp. 371-379


The environment in Kosovo is a topic of concern for the citizens and the state because of the temperatures that affect the health of the citizens and the climate around the world. Kosovo's climate is related to its geographical position. Stretching in the middle latitude, Kosovo's climate depends on the amount of heat coming from the Sun, the proximity of the Adriatic Sea, the Vardar valley, the openness to the north. In order to better understand the climatic features of Kosovo, one must know the elements of the climate such as: sunshine, temperature, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, winds. The Meteorological Institute of Kosovo is responsible for measuring temperatures in Kosovo since 2014 and until now 12 meteorological stations have been operationalized with automatic measurement and real-time data transfer to the central system for data collection and archiving. The hydrometeorological institute lacks an application for measuring temperatures in all the countries of Kosovo. Software applications are generally built to suit the requirements of different governments and clients in order to enable easier management of the jobs they operate on. One of the forms of application development is the development of mobile applications based on android. The purpose of the work is to create a mobile application based on the Android operating system that aims to display information about the weather, this type of application is necessary and important for users who want to see the temperature in different places in Kosovo, but also the world. This type of application offers many options such as maximum temperature, minimum temperature, humidity, and air pressure. The built application will have real and accurate data; this will be done by comparing the results with other similar applications. Such an application is necessary for everyone, especially for those people whose daily work is dependent on the weather or even for those who decide to spend their vacations, such as summer or winter. In this paper, comparisons are also made within android applications for tablets, televisions and smart watches.


Environment, Temperature, Mobile Applications, Retrofit, Json.