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Vibration Measurements in the Mining Industry Applying the Software Install Application to the Kosovo Energy Corporation


Ibush Luzha, Naim Baftiu, Betim Maloku, Jusuf Qarkaxhija


Vol. 22  No. 8  pp. 362-370


The assessment of specific impacts on the environment is a preventive measure for environmental protection which is based on the definition and proposal of measures that can prevent harmful effects, reduce or eliminate them. In the physical sense, vibration is the oscillating motion of an object with the effect of internal or external forces applied to it. People who touch a vibrating surface or object will feel these vibrations. In general, there are two types of vibration exposure. The first are the vibrations of the hands and arms transmitted by the held parts of tools or machinery. The second are whole-body vibrations transmitted from a seat or surface to a motorized car. The risk of injury to workers exposed to vibration varies depending on the size, frequency, type, duration of exposure, and organ affected. The purpose of this paper is to review the measurements of vibrations in the Kosovo Energy Corporation in the mine Sibovc Southwest, where coal with a rotary excavator is exploited and the evaluation of vibrations for working conditions for workers working in that environment and improving working conditions for the measurement of vibrations we have used the device Minimate DS 078, the purpose of such environmental impact assessment is to collect data and predict the harmful impacts on the environment, namely the impact on water, air, soil, life and health of as well as identify and propose measures that could prevent, reduce or eliminate altogether.


Environment, Vibrations, Software, Excavator