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Message Security Level Integration with IoTES: A Design Dependent Encryption Selection Model for IoT Devices


Matasem Saleh, NZ Jhanjhi, Azween Abdullah, Raazia Saher


Vol. 22  No. 8  pp. 328-342


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that offers lucrative services in various industries to facilitate human communities. Important information on people and their surroundings has been gathered to ensure the availability of these services. This data is vulnerable to cybersecurity since it is sent over the internet and kept in third-party databases. Implementation of data encryption is an integral approach for IoT device designers to protect IoT data. For a variety of reasons, IoT device designers have been unable to discover appropriate encryption to use. The static support provided by research and concerned organizations to assist designers in picking appropriate encryption costs a significant amount of time and effort. IoTES is a web app that uses machine language to address a lack of support from researchers and organizations, as ML has been shown to improve data-driven human decision-making. IoTES still has some weaknesses, which are highlighted in this research. To improve the support, these shortcomings must be addressed. This study proposes the ""IoTES with Security"" model by adding support for the security level provided by the encryption algorithm to the traditional IoTES model. We evaluated our technique for encryption algorithms with available security levels and compared the accuracy of our model with traditional IoTES. Our model improves IoTES by helping users make security-oriented decisions while choosing the appropriate algorithm for their IoT data.


IoT, System Security, IoT Device Security, Cryptography, Machine Learning, System Design