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Reasons for Adopting Weak Opinions in Islamic Jurisprudence


Meshal Qabbas Alharthy


Vol. 22  No. 8  pp. 323-327


The field of this study is in Islamic jurisprudence. Taking the preferred saying is contrary to the original, and takes it if necessity or need arises. There are reasons for adopting the preferred saying that were mentioned in this research so that the mufti and jurist know when to take the preferred saying, and when to act with the most correct saying. The origin is the work of the jurist and mufti by saying the most correct. If the necessity or the need that prompted the mufti to take the preferred saying ceases, then he returns to work with the most correct saying, and gives it precedence over the most preferred opinion. The researcher recommends that this topic be given more attention from researchers, and that it is taken care of in jurisprudential developments; So that the embarrassment of the nation is lifted, and the jurists clarify the legal ruling on emerging issues.


Jurisprudence, Weak Opinions, Law