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A Case Study Exploring the Roles of Mawhiba in Supporting Saudi Verbal Gifted in the English Language


Noha Abdullah Alharthi


Vol. 22  No. 8  pp. 304-322


This study investigates a case of a gifted Saudi student, Mohammed, who was early detected through Mawhiba (The Saudi Institution of Gifted) when he was eight years old. Then, the journey continued until he became a Tamayuz member and received a scholarship in 2022 to pursue his bachelor's at one of the prestige, high-ranking universities in the USA to study Mathematics/Economics and Political Sciences. Lack of information about the status of Saudi verbal gifted makes Mohammed's case a model to explore the roles of Mawhiba's programs in supporting Saudi verbal giftedness in general and particularly in learning the English language, plus seeking the opportunities Mawhiba provides for Saudi verbal gifted to enrich their giftedness in the English language and finally stating the sample's perspective about the opportunities and services Mawhiba provided him. Three core instruments to accumulate elaboration and interpret qualitative and quantitative data are academic records, writing samples, family observation, and a written interview.


Mawhiba, verbal gifted, Saudi verbal gifted, English, case study.