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Russian and Foreign Experience in Implementing Departmental Control and Prosecutor’s Supervision when Verifying Crime Reports


Dmitriy Aleksandrovich Ivanov, Kristina Andreevna Moskovtseva, Thien Thuong Bui, Kseniya Vladimirovna Sheveleva, Svetlana Anatolyevna Vetskaya


Vol. 22  No. 8  pp. 299-303


The article examines the stage of verification of a crime report from the standpoint of the need for its legislative regulation. Moreover, it investigates the international experience in this field. The existing procedural models are described in detail on the example of the neighboring and faraway countries. An analysis of the provisions of the current criminal procedure law of Russia and foreign experience allowed the authors to identify existing problems in the implementation of departmental control and prosecutorial supervision at the stage of verifying a crime report. The aim of the study is to develop theoretical provisions and recommendations regarding the implementation of departmental procedural control and prosecutorial supervision over the activities of the investigator during the verification of reports of crimes, based on the study of experience, both in Russia and in a number of countries of the near and far abroad, which could find their reflection in law enforcement practice, as well as aimed at improving the current criminal procedure legislation. The authors substantiated the theory that a detailed examination of the foreign procedural foundations of checking a crime report will allow us to form the most suitable model for checking a crime report for our state, taking into account all possible features and successfully implement it into the current criminal procedural law of the Russian Federation.


stage of initiation of a criminal case, pre-trial proceedings, head of an investigative body, investigator, investigative actions.