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Anti-Crisis Management In The System Of Economic Security Of International Business


Blakyta A.V., Zubko T. L., Zhuk O.S., Kasianova A.O. , Guliaieva N. N. and Vavdiichyk I. N.


Vol. 22  No. 8  pp. 269-274


Economy of Ukraine is characterized by the rapidly increased level of financial failures at a corporate level. Conditions of doing business in Ukraine become tighter year after year and it should motivate the business owners not only to watch more accurately the state in which their business is but also to introduce new, more precise, more tight systems of crisis management and economic security. The experience shows that in order to stay afloat and not to suffer losses companies should pay more attention to different areas of economic security, such as production potential, financial indicators, logistics, staff, etc. For this purpose companies should use a system of valuation of the most important for their activity indicators and transform their values in an integral one in order to use this assessment in making managerial decisions. Such a valuation is one of the components which the article presents. The article also reveals the key points which characterize crisis management as an integral part of enterprise development and economic security. There are specified the essence and problems of crisis management and proposed the ways of raising the level of economic security of a company based on the example of an industrial and commercial enterprise. The key focus of the enterprise's economic security management is defined as constructive responses to threats from the external environment and, as a result, ensuring stable functioning and effective realization of untapped potential in the future. The current assumption is to explain the scheme of strategic management of an industrial and commercial enterprise and to calculate the methodology of an express assessment of the level of enterprise economic security, taking into account the components of crisis management. To assess the level of economic security of the enterprise, it is proposed to use the method of point assessment, which is based on a multi-level system of indicators, which covers the main areas of the enterprise's activity.


economic security of the enterprise, crisis management, the level of economic security, indicators of economic security, the potential of the enterprise.