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Implementation of DevOps based Hybrid Model for Project Management and Deployment using Jenkins Automation Tool with Plugins


Poonam Narang and Pooja Mittal


Vol. 22  No. 8  pp. 249-259


Project management and deployment has gone through a long journey from traditional and agile to continuous integration, continuous deployment and continuous monitoring. Software industry benefited with the latest buzzword in the development process, DevOps that not only escalates software productivity but at the same time enhances software quality. But the implementation and assessment of DevOps practices is expository as there are no guidelines to assess and improvise DevOps application in software industries. Hence, there was a need to develop a hybrid model to assist software practitioners in DevOps implementation. The intention behind this paper is to implement the already proposed DevOps hybrid model using suggested tool chains including Jenkins, Selenium, GitLab, Ansible and Nagios automation tools through Jenkins project management environment and plugins. To achieve this implementation objective, a java application is developed with a web-based graphical interface. Further, in this paper, different challenges and benefits of Jenkins implementation shall also be outlined. The paper also presents the effectiveness of DevOps based Model implementation in software organizations. The impact of considering other automation tools and models can also be considered as a part of further research.


Automation, Automation Tools, DevOps, Project Management, Software development