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Ukrainian Students’ Analysis of Abuse Treatment by Parents: Retrospective and Perspective in Virtual and Real Environments


Olesia Stoliarchuk, Olena Kokhanova, Nataliia Prorok, Svitlana Khrypko, Olena Shevtsova, Oksana Tkachyshyna, and Olena Lobanchuk


Vol. 22  No. 8  pp. 197-207


Given the prevalence of violence in Ukrainian families, measures to prevent parental abusive treatment against children are urgent. It is important to study today’s youth awareness about violence within families in order to enhance a culture of engagement with spouses and children in future. The aim of the study is to examine students` reflective experiences and their attitudes towards forms, frequency, causes and effects of parental abusive treatment. During the research the following methods were used step-by-step: theoretical analyses of scientific resources, anonymous questionnaire, quantitative and correlation analyses. According to result of survey 98 students who were interviewed, none of them fell victim of sexual abuse in their families. However, more than a half (51%) of the students surveyed experienced some forms of parental physical punishment. All the interviewed students encountered psychological cases of parental violence. The mostprevalent forms of parental abuse among the interviewees are criticism, negative comparison, emotional detachment, arrogance, intimidation, blackmail and humiliation. The most prevalent consequences of parental abuse among students are anxiety, low self-esteem, insecurity, impatience, suspiciousness, constraint in communication. Students agree that budget limitations, forced labor, criticism, spanking, emotional detachment, ignoring type of communication, reproach, blackmail are acceptable methods of punishment to use when raising their own children. These results clearly demonstrate the problem of the impact of parental abuse on children and its consequences in the future.


virtual dimension, virtual culture, child abuse by parents, family violence, physical punishment, psychological violence, sexual violence.