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Modification of Religion in the Future under the Influence of IT


Ivan Chornomordenko, Olga Dobrodum, Svitlana Khrypko, Olga Gold, Olena Osadcha, Dmytro Chornomordenko


Vol. 22  No. 8  pp. 135-144


The improvement of high-tech is closely linked with the improvement of the man himself, technogenesis affects anthropogenesis, and human development signifies transhumanism. Informatization and virtualization, digitalization and computerization cover more and more areas of human activity one can record and state the actualization and accentuation of what is happening online and it kind of sacralization, alibization and deification. The anthropological potential of IT also increases and expands accordingly. With the help of technology, scientists hope to establish communication with animals, study their language and intelligence, use elements of AI, to promote the protection of the rights of robots and cybernetic organisms.


religion, high-tech, AI, IT, church, transhumanism, futurism, cyborgization.