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A New Cryptographic Algorithm for Safe Route Transversal of Data in Smart Cities using Rubik Cube


Arpit Chhabra, Niraj Singhal, Manav Bansal, Syed Vilayat Rizvi


Vol. 22  No. 8  pp. 113-122


At the point when it is check out ourselves, it might track down various information in each turn or part of our lives. Truth be told, information is the new main thrust of our advanced civilization and in this every day, ""information-driven"" world, security is the significant angle to consider to guarantee dependability and accessibility of our organization frameworks. This paper includes a new cryptographic algorithm for safe route traversal for data of smart cities which is a contemporary, non-hash, non-straight, 3D encryption execution intended for having information securely scrambled in the interim having a subsequent theoretical layer of safety over it. Encryption generally takes an information string and creates encryption keys, which is the way to unscramble as well. In the interim in another strategy, on the off chance that one can sort out the encryption key, there are opportunities to unravel the information scrambled inside the information string. Be that as it may, in this encryption framework, the work over an encryption key (which is created naturally, henceforth no pre-assurance or uncertainty) just as the calculation produces a ""state"" in a way where characters are directed into the Rubik block design to disregard the information organization.


lSmart cities, Cyber threats, Trusted Partner module (TPM), Advanced persistent threats (APT’s), Data transmission.