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The Role of Innovative Activities in Training Students Using Computer Technologies


Antonina Minenok, Ihor Donets, Tetiana Telychko, Hanna Hud, Pavlo Smoliak, Angelika Kurchatova, Tetiana Kuchai


Vol. 22  No. 8  pp. 105-112


Innovation is considered as an implemented innovation in education - in the content, methods, techniques and forms of educational activity and personality education (methods, technologies), in the content and forms of organizing the management of the educational system, as well as in the organizational structure of educational institutions, in the means of training and education and in approaches to social services in education, distance and multimedia learning, which significantly increases the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the educational process. The classification of currently known pedagogical technologies that are most often used in practice is shown. The basis of the innovative activity of a modern teacher is the formation of an innovative program-methodical complex in the discipline. Along with programmatic and content provision of disciplines, the use of informational tools and their didactic properties comes first. It combines technical capabilities - computer and video technology with live communication between the lecturer and the audience. In pedagogical innovation, the principles reflecting specific laws and regularities of the implementation of innovative processes are singled out. All principles are elements of a complex system of organization and management of innovative activities in the field of education and training. They closely interact with each other, which enhances the effect of each of them due to the synergistic effect.


innovative activity, student training, computer technologies, multimedia technologies, education, educational institution.