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Formation of New Approaches to the Use of Information Technology and Search For Innovative Methods of Training Specialists within the Pan-European Educational Space


Tetiana Stratan-Artyshkova, Khrystyna Kozak, Olena Syrotina, Nataliya Lisnevska, Svitlana Sichkar, Oleksandr Pertsov, Oleksandr Kuchai


Vol. 22  No. 8  pp. 97-104


European integration processes have acted as a catalyst for the emergence of a new type of educational environment, which is characterized by competent flexibility of specialists. Therefore, the article focuses on professional training of teachers in the context of European integration processes using information technology and the search for innovative methods of training specialists. One of the educational priorities in Europe is to create a new model of a teacher who has an academic education, knows innovative methods, is able to perform functions and tasks efficiently and professionally, adequately, quickly and correctly respond to changes and innovations. The tasks facing education in the European dimension are formulated. The main trends in the education of teachers in modern Europe are described: the need to deepen and expand subject training programs in pedagogical institutions of Higher Education, which will allow autonomy of activity, awareness of responsibility for independent creative decisions, create favorable conditions for the development of professionalism through the use of Information Technology and the search for innovative methods of training specialists. At the present stage, various models of teacher training are being developed based on the University and practical concept using information technology and searching for innovative methods of training specialists. On this basis, two different theories of perception of teacher education were formed: as preparation of teachers for work throughout their professional career,


new approaches, use of information technology, innovative methods, training of specialists, pan-European educational space, professional career.