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Human Right Requirements in the Metaverse Era


Talal Agil Attas Alkhiri


Vol. 22  No. 8  pp. 67-74


This study is a theoretical account of HRs requirements in educational institutions in light of the growing influence of digital technology on human rights. It intends to reveal prominent human and civilizational values encapsulated in modern human rights regulations. It dwells on educational and societal requirements for educational inclusion in the school and university curricula in light of changes that have taken place in HRs in the digital age. Relying on the descriptive documentary research design, the study concluded that HRs are inherently moral duties and fixed values. They include the importance of tolerance, freedom, peace, justice, science, work, and equality. Because education is arguably based on human and civilized values, educational foundations require intake of awareness, systematic integration and responsibility from all academic and community institutions, including family and media institutions. The article closes on a note of how technology has impacted human rights in the digital age. It provides implications and recommendations to pedagogies accordingly.


Civilizational values, digital technology, Education, HRs,