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Applications of Machine Learning for Online Learning Systems towards Children with Speech Disorders


Amr Jadi, Ali Alzahrani


Vol. 22  No. 8  pp. 55-60


Specific Language Impairment is one of the serious disorders that interferes with spontaneous communication skills in children. Children suffering from this disorder may have reading, speaking, or listening impairments, and such type of disorders are also termed Autism Speech Disorder (ASD) in medical terminology. The aim of the article is to define specific language impairment in children and the problems it can cause. The different methods adopted by speech pathologists to diagnose language impairment. Finally implementing machine learning models to automate the process and help speech pathologists and pediatricians/ in diagnosing the specific language impairment.


Specific Language Impairment, ASD, automate Logistic Regression, Random Forests.