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Internet Service Evaluation System: A Design Science Research


Lujen Babunji, Shahad Alzahrani, Shada Almarghalani, Amal Babour, and Hind Bitar


Vol. 22  No. 8  pp. 35-44


The Internet is extremely important to accomplish numerous items, from education to businesses and entertainment. Therefore, the quality of its performance must be efficient. Nowadays, there is a lack of information available for users to choose a suitable Internet service. What information is available might be insufficient, inaccurate, or regularly updated. Accordingly, there is a need to develop an electronic system that enables users to evaluate their current Internet service subscription. Several factors are used as evaluation criteria in the system that affect users’ decisions. In this paper, a prototype of a design science research project is proposed to address a few objectives. First, it can help Internet service users in Saudi Arabia to make the best decision for themselves regarding Internet services subscriptions. Second, it can assist the Saudi government to seek one of the 2030 vision goals: the digital transformation that depends on having a good Internet connection. The proposed solution is a promising one that would help Internet service users to make the best decision for themselves and choose the best Internet service that fits their needs. A qualitative method has been used to evaluate the efficiency and the utility of the proposed system prototype. The results showed the extent of participants' acceptance of the Internet Service Evaluation System.


.Internet service, Internet service providers, Users’ reviews, Users’ feedback, Internet service evaluation system.