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Culture Influence on Enterprise Planning Resource (ERP) Implementation In Saudi Arabia’s Public Sector


Ahmed Omar Alzahrani


Vol. 22  No. 7  pp. 397-403


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is widely adopted among enterprises and organizations. In recent years, researchers have become increasingly interested in factors related to ERP implementation success. In this paper, top management members, IT professionals, and end-users were interviewed in the study. The study used Hofstede’s main cultural dimensions as a theoretical framework to identify cultural characteristics and their influence on ERP implementation within public organizations in Saudi Arabia. The study followed a qualitative methodology approach to carry on the study to investigate the national culture characteristics in Saudi Arabia that may influence ERP implementation success. The study found some culturally related factors that could influence success in ERP implantation projects in Saudi Arabia..


ERP in Saudi Arabia, ERP case study, cultural influence on ERP.