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Enhancing the Text Mining Process by Implementation of Average-Stochastic Gradient Descent Weight Dropped Long-Short Memory


Sreenivasa Rao Annaluri11† and Venkata Ramana Attil


Vol. 22  No. 7  pp. 352-358


Text mining is an important process used for analyzing the data collected from different sources like videos, audio, social media, and so on. The tools like Natural Language Processing (NLP) are mostly used in real-time applications. In the earlier research, text mining approaches were implemented using long-short memory (LSTM) networks. In this paper, text mining is performed using average-stochastic gradient descent weight-dropped (AWD)-LSTM techniques to obtain better accuracy and performance. The proposed model is effectively demonstrated by considering the internet movie database (IMDB) reviews. To implement the proposed model Python language was used due to easy adaptability and flexibility while dealing with massive data sets/databases. From the results, it is seen that the proposed LSTM plus weight dropped plus embedding model demonstrated an accuracy of 88.36% as compared to the previous models of AWD LSTM as 85.64. This result proved to be far better when compared with the results obtained by just LSTM model (with 85.16%) accuracy. Finally, the loss function proved to decrease from 0.341 to 0.299 using the proposed model


Text Mining, Python, LSTM, AWD-LSTM, IMDB, NLP