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Blockchain-based e-Agro Intelligent System


Dr. V. Sesha Srinivas, Dr. M. Pompapathi , G. Srinivasa Rao, and Smt. M. Chaitanya


Vol. 22  No. 7  pp. 347-351


Farmers E-Market is a website that allows agricultural workers to direct market their products to buyers without the use of a middleman. That theory is blockchain system will be used by authors to accomplish this. The system, which is built on a public blockchain system, supports sustainability, shippers, and consumers. Farmers can keep track of their farming activities. Customers can review the product's history and track its journey through carriers to delivery after making a purchase. Farmers are encouraged to get information about their interests promptly in a blockchain-enabled system like this. This functionality is being used by small-scale farmers to form groups based on their location to attract large-scale customers, renegotiate farming techniques or volumes, and enter into contracts with buyers. The analysis shows the use of blockchain technology with a farmer's portal that keeps the video of trading data of crops, taking into account the qualities of blockchain such as values and create or transaction data. The proposal merges python as a programming language with a blockchain system to benefit farmers, vendors, and individuals by preserving transactions.


Farmers, blockchain, consumers, programming, transactions