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European Experience in Implementing Innovative Educational Technologies in the Training of Management Specialists: Current Problems and Prospects for Improvement


Voropayeva Tatiana, J?rvis Marina, Boiko Svitlana, Tolchieva Hanna, Statsenko Nataliia


Vol. 22  No. 7  pp. 294-300


The article highlights the European experience of innovative educational technologies of training management specialists. Based on existing strategies, relevant in the European educational space, the introduction of regulatory elements to maintain a balance between the traditional and innovative format of the educational process, which is typical for the Ukrainian education system is proposed. The article aims to single out educational and technological innovations into a separate cluster of managerial training at different levels in the context of the principles of the modern synergetic sociocultural paradigm. The main objectives of the work are to develop settings to ensure the effective functioning of innovative educational technologies. Among the synergetic principles of educational technologies, providing the formation of necessary competencies of future managers, are: self-organization, interdisciplinarity, nonlinearity, individuality, and technologization. The methods used in the scientific study can be attributed to the group of scientific synergetic methodology. So, the training of specialists in management, implemented in the European practice assumes the use of new educational strategies. These technologies provide both the necessary skills of different levels (hard-soft-digital skills) and the observance of value components (solidarity, ethics, inclusiveness, openness).


Educational strategies, innovations in education, management training, education in Europe.