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Multimodal Interaction Framework for Collaborative Augmented Reality in Education


Dalia Mohammed Eissa Asiri, Khalid Hamed Allehaibi, Ahmad Hoirul Basori


Vol. 22  No. 7  pp. 268-282


One of the most important technologies today is augmented reality technology, it allows users to experience the real world using virtual objects that are combined with the real world. This technology is interesting and has become applied in many sectors such as the shopping and medicine, also it has been included in the sector of education. In the field of education, AR technology has become widely used due to its effectiveness. It has many benefits, such as arousing students’ interest in learning imaginative concepts that are difficult to understand. On the other hand, studies have proven that collaborative between students increases learning opportunities by exchanging information, and this is known as Collaborative Learning. The use of multimodal creates a distinctive and interesting experience, especially for students, as it increases the interaction of users with the technologies. The research aims at developing collaborative framework for developing achievement of 6th graders through designing a framework that integrated a collaborative framework with a multimodal input ""hand-gesture and touch"", considering the development of an effective, fun and easy to use framework with a multimodal interaction in AR technology that was applied to reformulate the genetics and traits lesson from the science textbook for the 6th grade, the first semester, the second lesson, in an interactive manner by creating a video based on the science teachers’ consultations and a puzzle game in which the game images were inserted. As well, the framework adopted the cooperative between students to solve the questions. The finding showed a significant difference between post-test and pre-test of the experimental group on the mean scores of the science course at the level of remembering, understanding, and applying. Which indicates the success of the framework, in addition to the fact that 43 students preferred to use the framework over traditional education.


Augmented reality, AR, multimodal, collaborative, framework.