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Socio-Economic Aspects of the Impact of Military Actions on the Labor Force


Stepan Melnyk, Nina Petrukha, Nataliia Shuprudko, Bohdan Ilychok, Oleksandr Balanutsa


Vol. 22  No. 7  pp. 252-258


Ukraine has a significant in quantity and unique in quality parameters, in particular, the level of education, a resource - the labor force, which, along with natural resources, can serve as the basis for economic growth and the achievement of sustainable development goals. The study is aimed at a thorough identification of the main factors influencing the formation and use of the labor force in Ukraine, including by comparing with the indicators of the EU countries, before the start of the active phase of military aggression by the Russian Federation. It was found that until February 24, 2022, there were negative trends in the change in the quantitative and qualitative indicators of the labor force due to the demographic crisis, the transformation of the national economy and shortcomings in state regulation of labor market development processes. The military actions not only exacerbated pre-existing problems, but also led to the emergence of new ones. A significant number of refugees and internally displaced persons, with the termination of the activities of half of the economic entities, provoked a sharp increase in real unemployment and a decrease in wages. The specific problem of the labor market of Ukraine - the ""labor crisis"", which has and will have a significant impact on the labor force, is carefully considered.


military actions, labor force, labor migration, demographic situation, labor crisis