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Use of Multimedia Technologies in the Training of Physical Culture and Sports Specialists


Olha Shevchenko, Olha Bahinska, Olena Markova, Oleksandr Broiakovsky, Tetyana Bielkova, Ivan Honcharenko, Olena Bida


Vol. 22  No. 7  pp. 245-251


Educational reform in Ukraine encourages the use of multimedia technologies in the training of specialists in Physical Education and Sports, which is one of the promising directions of education development. Therefore, the article specifies the content of the terms ""innovation"" and ""technology"". For modern society, the introduction of multimedia technologies in education is not so much theoretical as pragmatic, since under condition of globalization it concerns its historical development and prospects associated with the so-called ""high technologies"".Our goal is to improve the training of Physical Education and Sports specialists by means of multimedia technologies. All of innovative technologies can be divided into four groups, depending on the appropriate form of educational activity for their use. The development of multimedia technologies in the training of specialists in Physical Education and Sport at the present stage of education development should be carried out in accordance with the criteria of manufacturability, which are presented in the article: scientism, to rely on the theoretical provisions of pedagogical science and methods of teaching the discipline, socially recognized educational goals, prospects for modernization of Education; consistency, which provides for the interaction of parts and the whole in the organization of the study environment, as a result of which the physical development of the young generation is an integral entity; guarantee, that is, the error between the planned and obtained results should be minimal; manageability, that is, full management of the stages of work of the teacher and students, which make up the completed cycle of actions; mass participation, for the purpose of applying the technology does not depend on the physical training of students, the pedagogical skill of the teacher and the type of educational institutions.


training of specialists, Physical Education, Sports, multimedia technologies, innovation, technology, Physical Education and Sports events.