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Vulnerability Analysis Model for IoT Smart Home Camera


Asia Othman Aljahdali, Nawal Alsaidi, Maram Alsafri


Vol. 22  No. 7  pp. 229-239


Today's Internet of Things (IoT) has had a dramatic increase in the use of various daily aspects. As a consequence, many homes adopt IoT technology to move towards the smart home. So, the home can be called smart when it has a range of smart devices that are united into one network, such as cameras, sensors, etc. While IoT smart home devices bring numerous benefits to human life, there are many security concerns associated with these devices. These security concerns, such as user privacy, can result in an insecure application. In this research, we focused on analyzing the vulnerabilities of IoT smart home cameras. This will be done by designing a new model that follows the STRIDE approach to identify these threats in order to afford an efficient and secure IoT device. Then, apply a number of test cases on a smart home camera in order to verify the usage of the proposed model. Lastly, we present a scheme for mitigation techniques to prevent any vulnerabilities that might occur in IoT devices.


Smart camera, vulnerability assessment, threats modelling, mitigation.