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Game Theoretic based Distributed Dynamic Power Allocation in Irregular Geometry Multicellular Network


Hashim Safdar, Rahat Ullah, and Zubair Khalid


Vol. 22  No. 7  pp. 199-205


The extensive growth in data rate demand by the smart gadgets and mobile broadband application services in wireless cellular networks. To achieve higher data rate demand which leads to aggressive frequency reuse to improve network capacity at the price of Inter Cell Interference (ICI). Fractional Frequency Reuse (FFR) has been recognized as an effective scheme to get a higher data rate and mitigate ICI for perfect geometry network scenarios. In, an irregular geometric multicellular network, ICI mitigation is a challenging issue. The purpose of this paper is to develop distributed dynamic power allocation scheme for FFR based on game theory to mitigate ICI. In the proposed scheme, each cell region in an irregular multicellular scenario adopts a self-less behavior instead of selfish behavior to improve the overall utility function. This proposed scheme improves the overall data rate and mitigates ICI.


ICI, Game theory, FFR, Irregular Geometry, DRA