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Anonymized Network Monitoring for Intrusion Detection Systems


D B Srinivas and Sagar Mohan


Vol. 22  No. 7  pp. 191-198


With the ever-increasing frequency of public sector and small-scale industries going live on the internet in developing countries, their security of which, while crucial, is often overlooked in most cases. This is especially true in Government services, whilst essential, are poorly monitored if at all. This is due to lack of funds and personnel. Most available software which can help these organizations monitor their services are either expensive or very outdated. Thus, there is a need for any developing country to develop a networking monitoring system. However, developing a network monitoring system is still a challenge and expensive and out sourcing network monitoring system to third party is a security threat. Therefore, in this article we propose a method to anonymize network logs and outsource networking monitoring system to third-party without breach in integrity of their network logs.


Django, TShark, Computer-networks, intrusion-detection, anonymization