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Lie Detection Technique using Video from the Ratio of Change in the Appearance


S. M. Emdad Hossain, Sallam Osman Fageeri, Arockiasamy Soosaimanickam, Mohammad Abu Kausar and Aiman Moyaid Said


Vol. 22  No. 7  pp. 165-170


Lying is nuisance to all, and all liars knows it is nuisance but still keep on lying. Sometime people are in confusion how to escape from or how to detect the liar when they lie. In this research we are aiming to establish a dynamic platform to identify liar by using video analysis especially by calculating the ratio of changes in their appearance when they lie. The platform will be developed using a machine learning algorithm along with the dynamic classifier to classify the liar. For the experimental analysis the dataset to be processed in two dimensions (people lying and people tell truth). Both parameter of facial appearance will be stored for future identification. Similarly, there will be standard parameter to be built for true speaker and liar. We hope this standard parameter will be able to diagnosed a liar without a pre-captured data.


Nuisance, Liar, Detection, Escape, Parameter, LDA, kNN, MLP