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Representation of Event-Based Ontology Models: A Comparative Study


Ashour Ali, Shahrul Azman Mohd Noah, and Lailatul Qadri Zakaria


Vol. 22  No. 7  pp. 147-156


Ontologies are knowledge containers in which information about a specified domain can be shared and ?reused?. An event happens within a specific time and place and in which some ??actors ?engage and show specific action features. ?The fact is that several ontology models are based on events called Event-Based Models, where the event is an individual entity or concept connected with other entities to describe the underlying ontology because the event can be composed of spatiotemporal extents. However, current event-based ontologies are inadequate to bridge the ?gap between spatiotemporal ?extents and participants to describe a specific domain event?. This paper reviews, describes and compares the existing event-based ontologies. The ?paper compares ?various ways of representing the events and how ?they have ?been modelled, ?constructed, and integrated with the ontologies. The primary criterion for ?comparison is based on the events’ ability to represent spatial and temporal extent ?and the participants in the event.


.Ontologies, Events, Event Ontologies, Spatial extent, Temporal extent