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Economic Consequences of the Impact of War on Labor Resources and Tourism in Terms of Ensuring Economic Security


Oksana Krupa †, Volodymyr Krupa, Iryna Dydiv, Olha Horpynchenko, Snizhana Kovalenko


Vol. 22  No. 7  pp. 117-122


The main purpose of the article is to determine the economic consequences of the impact of war on labor resources and tourism in terms of ensuring economic security. Today, in the context of Russia's invasion of the territory of Ukraine, an important aspect of people's lives is confidence in their safety. But no less important is the provision of economic security, its impact on the labor and tourism aspects of this type of security, the negative impact on which is carried out under the influence of war. Modern society is faced with the same problems that were a hundred years ago: technological progress, the balance of power in the world community, social problems, military conflicts. In the modern development of society, no one can deny the amazing scientific progress in new technologies and communications.That is why it is important to understand how dangerous war is not only for human life, but also for the economy of the state, its labor and tourism aspects.


labor resources, the impact of war, technological development, economic security, military conflicts