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Perfecting the System for Assessment of the Financial Potential of a Transport Enterprise


Evgeny Aleksandrovich Nesterov, Andrei Viktorovich Borisov, Irina Gennadievna Shadskaja, Aleksandr Vladimirovich Shelygov, Pavel Nikolaevich Sharonin, Alexander Lvovich Frolov and Olga Yevgenievna Lebedeva6


Vol. 22  No. 7  pp. 109-116


The article is devoted to perfecting the system of management of the financial potential of transport enterprises. It is established that transport as an integral part of the state economy has to organically enter the market economy and provide sustainable transport services to national economy enterprises regardless of ownership, as well as ensure passenger transportation. It is also determined that in the conditions of market relations, transport highways must perform their functions with sufficient economic benefit to keep their material and technical resources in good order, conduct an investment policy with extensive use of scientific and technological progress, as well as a social policy guaranteeing the conditions for employees’ motivated work. The study reveals an association between the financial and strategic goals of transport enterprises and the minimization of their economic risks, the prevention of bankruptcy and profit margin shortfalls. It is found that transport enterprises need to strive for the overall improvement of their financial potential through increasing the components of financial potential and assessing the impact of risk factors on them: the capacity of fixed assets, the capacity of financial resources, the capacity of services, and the capacity of credit opportunities. These are the elements of transport enterprises’ financial potential that ensure its desired level. It is demonstrated that of critical importance in managing the financial potential of a transport enterprise is the role of financial resources, as a subject cannot reach the desired strategic goals without them.


system, management, resources, material and technical support, evaluation.