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Delimitation of Jurisdiction of Commercial, Civil and Administrative Courts: IT Challenges


Dmytro Baranenko, Tetiana Stepanova, Aneesh V. Pillai, Anatolii Kostruba, and Yuliia Akimenko,


Vol. 22  No. 7  pp. 85-90


In modern conditions of the development of public relations, there is a continuous development of technologies. This not only reflects the convenience of service users, and new technology but also contributes to the emergence of new disputes to protect the rights of stakeholders. Therefore, it is urgent to study the distinctions between the jurisdiction of commercial, civil and administrative courts in resolving IT disputes. The work aims to study the peculiarities of delimitation of the jurisdiction of commercial, civil, and administrative courts through the prism of IT measurement. The research methodology consists of such methods as a historical, comparative-legal, formal-logical, empirical, method of analogy, method of synthesis, method of analysis, and systematic method. Examining the specifics of delimiting the jurisdiction of commercial, civil, and administrative courts through the IT dimension, it was concluded that there is a problem in determining the jurisdiction of the court. In addition, the judicial practice on this issue is quite variable, which negatively affects the predictability of technology in resolving potential disputes. In this regard, the criterion models for distinguishing between commercial, administrative, and civil proceedings according to the legal classification of the parties, as well as the nature of the claim are identified. This separation will contribute to a more accurate application of legal norms and methods of application of administrative norms and reduce the number of cases of improper proceedings.


IT disputes, jurisdiction, judicial system, category of disputes, delimitation of jurisdiction.