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Development of ML and IoT Enabled Disease Diagnosis Model for a Smart Healthcare System


Navita Mehra and Pooja Mittal


Vol. 22  No. 7  pp. 1-12


The current progression in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning (ML) based technologies converted the traditional healthcare system into a smart healthcare system. The incorporation of IoT and ML has changed the way of treating patients and offers lots of opportunities in the healthcare domain. In this view, this research article presents a new IoT and ML-based disease diagnosis model for the diagnosis of different diseases. In the proposed model, vital signs are collected via IoT-based smart medical devices, and the analysis is done by using different data mining techniques for detecting the possibility of risk in people's health status. Recommendations are made based on the results generated by different data mining techniques, for high-risk patients, an emergency alert will be generated to healthcare service providers and family members. Implementation of this model is done on Anaconda Jupyter notebook by using different Python libraries in it. The result states that among all data mining techniques, SVM achieved the highest accuracy of 0.897 on the same dataset for classification of Parkinson's disease.


Internet of Things, machine learning, smart healthcare, disease diagnosis, support vector machine.