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A Survey of Advances in Hierarchical Clustering Algorithms and Applications


Amr Munshi


Vol. 22  No. 5  pp. 17-24


Hierarchical clustering methods have been proposed for more than sixty years and yet are used in various disciplines for relation observation and clustering purposes. In 1965, divisive hierarchical methods were proposed in biological sciences and have been used in various disciplines such as, and anthropology, ecology. Furthermore, recently hierarchical methods are being deployed in economy and energy studies. Unlike most clustering algorithms that require the number of clusters to be specified by the user, hierarchical clustering is well suited for situations where the number of clusters is unknown. This paper presents an overview of the hierarchical clustering algorithm. The dissimilarity measurements that can be utilized in hierarchical clustering algorithms are discussed. Further, the paper highlights the various and recent disciplines where the hierarchical clustering algorithms are employed.


Fuzzy partitioning, electric grid, photovoltaic, solar panel