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Short-term Prediction of Photovoltaic Output Power for Grid Integration


Amr Munshi


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 764-768


The photovoltaic (PV) output power prediction is fundamental in increasing the generation of solar power into the electrical grids. Precise short-term PV output power predictions contribute to the optimization of power systems operation and control. The model was to construct to utilize a reduced set of PV output power representatives for predicting short-term PV output power. Further, the efficiency of the representative PV output power resulting from a well-established clustering methodology were tested by the application on a real data set. The error between the actual data and predicted data ranged between 19.374 and 25.983, and 9.034 and 14.692 for RMSE and MAE, respectively. The correlation coefficient values were all above 97.8%. The results of the prediction model using the representatives validate the efficiency of the presented model and could potentially contribute to the optimization of power systems operation and control, and further the integration of such systems into the electrical grid.


Grid integration, photovoltaic, smart grids, solar panel