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Information System of Anti-Crisis Management in the Context of Ensuring National Security


Myroslav Kryshtanovych, Liudmyla Antonova, Borys Pohrishchuk, Yulia Mironova†, Roman Storozhev


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 719-725


The main purpose of the study is to determine the main aspects of information support for anti-crisis management in the context of ensuring national security. In modern conditions, under the influence of COVID-19, it becomes important to develop a modern paradigm for the transformation of anti-crisis management, based on the determination of the laws of state development on the basis of the imperative of national interests and territorial integrity. These are, firstly, the patterns of development of the state system of public administration, secondly, the patterns of development of a complex of state interests, and thirdly, patterns of development of the modern model of the country's territorial integrity. As a result of the study, the key aspects of the anti-crisis management system were identified in the context of ensuring the security of national interests.


Information support, anti-crisis management, safety, national interests.