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Value Complexity of Virtual Communities and Information Security in the Postmodern World: Semantic Focus and Language Innovations


Svitlana Khrypko, Olena ALEKSANDROVA, lesia Stoliarchuk, Liudmyla OBLOVA, Olena Pavlovska, Bezuhlyi Andrii


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 712-718


Virtual communities are studied to analyze their characteristic features, types, and tole to modern society. The article is aimed at creating a classification of virtual communities according to specific characteristics, which can be used to model the interaction, and necessity of components that are important for the community. The classification of virtual communities will contribute to their better performance and satisfy the users’ needs in information. The study reveals the value structure of virtual communities, educational and communicative influence, and the possible threats these communities may bring to society and security.


virtual communities, communication culture, semantic content, information security, values.