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Information Aspects of Changes in the Labor Market of the EU and Ukraine in the Context of Ensuring Safety Through COVID-19


Nataliya Andriyiv, Andryi Zachepa, Nina Petrukha, Inna Shevchuk, Ihor Berest


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 657-663


The main purpose of the study is to analyze the information aspects of the impact of COVID-19 on the labor market in the EU and Ukraine. In addition to studying the key parameters of changes in the labor market under the influence of COVID-19, i.e. the unemployment rate and the share of the employed population, a thorough study of gender equality, labor migration and the impact on youth made it possible to characterize the effectiveness of the policy of stabilization and restoration of the labor market in the EU and Ukraine. The results obtained form the necessary information basis for modeling labor market regulation in the event of possible subsequent disturbances, in particular under the influence of global pandemics.


Information aspects, COVID-19, labor market.