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Covid-19 and Distance Education: Analysis of the Problems and Consequences of the Pandemic


Olena Bida, Oleksandr Prokhorchuk, Valentina Fedyaeva, Olga Radul, Polina Yakimenko, Olga Shevchenko


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 629-635


In the spring, 2020, the pandemic caused quarantine and all educational institutions switched to distance learning, which led to significant changes in the field of education around the world. It has become necessary to build its capacity to provide distance learning to protect education and create opportunities for more individualized approaches to teaching and learning not only during future pandemics but also during other possible issues, such as natural disasters, when a developed flexible curricula could be taught face-to-face or online. The article presents an analysis of distance education in the world during a pandemic, analyzes significant changes, and implements measures in the field of education in Ukraine and around the world. The role of public and international organizations in the implementation of quarantine in the conditions of COVID-19, which partially took over the functions of state and local authorities, is emphasized. The closure of schools under COVID-19 has led to a de facto deterioration in learning outcomes, so we have analyzed the effects of distance learning and digital inequality in the world. It is shown how the COVID-19 pandemic affected access to public services in Ukraine.


COVID-19, education, analysis of pandemic problems and consequences, learning outcomes, distance learning, digital inequality.